A New Era. A New Name.


The Leading Voice for Minnesota's Builders, Remodelers & Housing Industry

Last June, BATC rebranded its advocacy efforts to become Housing First Minnesota. We recognized that our name is incredibly important and that it should reflect the broader scope of our work. We quickly gained overwhelming acceptance as legislators, regulators, media and prospective members instinctively responded to this clear statement and our voice.

Looking to the future, it only made sense to take the next step as an association and ensure all of our constituencies and audiences can clearly see our commitment to our industry. As of 2018, we are officially renaming our organization BATC-Housing First Minnesota. This new name lets us leverage the power of both our brands while clearly stating what we have known for some time, that BATC-Housing First Minnesota is the leading voice for Minnesota’s builders, remodelers and the housing industry as a whole.

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Why is BATC rebranding as BATC-Housing First Minnesota?

To advance the housing industry, we need all hands on deck. BATC-Housing First Minnesota invites the entire industry to engage in our modern, comprehensive advocacy program. What BATC members have built over the years is now positioned to take the housing movement to new heights.

What can BATC-Housing First Minnesota members expect?

We have seen what can happen as the housing industry continues to rise as a major player at the Minnesota State Capitol and with regulatory agencies. In the future, when members and staff testify before the legislature or before city councils, they will do so as BATC-Housing First Minnesota.

Should I describe myself as a member of Housing First Minnesota or BATC?

Both! You are a BATC-Housing First Minnesota member and part of the housing movement. You’ll identify yourself as a member of BATCHousing First Minnesota.

Why now?

Our industry now has the opportunity to make long term, systemic changes to how Minnesota regulatory and elected officials view our industry. Rebranding is a necessity as we elevate and grow the housing movement to include the whole of our industry, regardless of the size and location of each company.

Are you going to ask me for more dues money?

No. As a BATC-Housing First Minnesota member, you’ll get all the advantages of this new brand at no extra cost.

How can I engage with BATC-Housing First Minnesota?

Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, subscribe to our blog and attend Housing Day at the Capitol.