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We recognize that our name is incredibly important and that it must reflect the broad scope of our cause. And as the marketplace continues to change, we are evolving in order to lead. After extensive research, careful thought, and reflection, our board took unanimous action. As of October 2019, we have rebranded and officially renamed our organization Housing First Minnesota.

This is our opportunity to drive meaningful change to protect Minnesota’s proud legacy of homeownership. Creating clarity of identity and purpose is key to our success. Housing First Minnesota seeks to advance the American dream of homeownership for Minnesotans. This is our calling!

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What changes?

While our name is changing, the brands and programs you know and love remain unchanged and, in fact, will be strengthened. Over the past two years, we have successfully integrated Housing First Minnesota into all of BATC’s programs. Beginning in October 2019, everything will now be rebranded Housing First Minnesota.

What this means for you.

Your membership is even more powerful. You’re not just a member of an industry-leading organization, you are a part of the housing movement. Housing and homeownership is integral to a strong community and healthy families. We seek to make housing as vital in Minnesota government and politics as it is to the economy.

Why Housing First Minnesota?

To advance the housing industry, we need all hands on deck. Housing First Minnesota invites the entire industry to become more engaged in our association. What BATC-Housing First Minnesota members have built over the years is now positioned to take housing to new heights and make real progress in our housing affordability and inventory challenges.

Why now?

Our association is changing how Minnesota regulatory and elected officials prioritize housing. Rebranding is necessary as we elevate and grow the housing movement to include the whole of our industry, regardless of the size and location of each company.

How can I engage with Housing First Minnesota?

Join the housing movement. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram, subscribe to our blog. Look for opportunities to engage and serve. Become a brand ambassador.

Media Kit

Download the Housing First Minnesota media kit for logos and graphics to use on your website, social media, print advertising, and more!